Past Live Archives

2024 Jan.07 (Sun) @ 神戸 HELLUVA LOUNGE
“HELLUVA LOUNGE presents ”

with… kevin, Sick pale diddley, つるんづマリー


2023 Dec.16 (Sat) @ 京都 POP PIZZA
“Saturday Night Special”

with… The Geros, The Go-Devils, Shige & The Trunk Boys, tv.orphans, The Vertigos
djs… KDM, KING☆HIRO, Seiko


2023 Oct.18 (Wed) @ 京都 POP PIZZA
“Psychotic Turnbuckles Japan Tour October 2023”

with… MUCHAMUCHA, Psychotic Turnbuckles, DJ-Yaji


2023 Oct.14 (Sat) @ 神戸 HELLUVA LOUNGE
Baitones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.19”

with… Baitones, Human Toys, hyan, Psychotic Turnbuckles


2023 Jul.15 (Sat) @ 神戸 HELLUVA LOUNGE
“Helluva Lounge presents”

with…Dubois, hyan, She says she..


2023 May.13 (Sat) @ 難波 BEARS
“18/18 Vol. 6”

with… Alder Sound, Angel Face, GERØS


2023 Apr.08 (Sat) @ 心斎橋 CLUB STOMP

with… Baitones, The Fadeaways, The Go-Devils, The Way-Outs
djs… キングジョー (SOFT HELL), O.K.D. (IT’S FINKING TIME), Takuma


2022 Oct.23 (Sun) @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge


20221023 2

2022 Jan.09 (Sun) @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Helluva Lounge presents”

Billyboy and Hate Decembers, 秘部痺れ


2021 Jun.13 @ 神戸 108
“From The Darkside : the 32nd”

with… Baitones, Disturd, Five No Risk


2021 Mar.28 @ 京都 Pop Pizza
“Take Another Pizza My Heart! Part 2”

with… THE SEE SAW, Stompin Riff Raffs, Weekend Fan!
djs… Daddy O Nov, Ryo the Dynamite, BB, Misty, Naoto, Hacchori


2020 Nov.23 @ 京都 NEGAPOSI
Weekend Fan! Presents “No Tomorrow #5”

with… THE SEE SAW, Weekend Fan!


2020 Oct.18 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge

with… ウンラヌ, 黒岩あすか, Kevin


2020 Aug.01 @ 難波 Bears

with… The Geros, The Sensitive Lips, Smallspeaker


2020 Mar.15 @ 京都 Pop Pizza
“Sunday Live Show”

with… Longtail Spangle, Radiates
dj… Yaji


2020 Feb.29 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge

with… Billyboy & The Rich Women, The Black Dolphins, Dubois


2019 Oct.18 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge

with… Human Toys (France), Baitones, Billy Boy And Thee Rich Women


2019 Jul.12 @ 波 Mele
“Teenage Shutdown!! Avenue 29” – Terry & Louie Japan Tour 2019 w/The Fadeaways

with… The Fadeaways, The Impacts, The Original Mixed-Up Kids, Terry & Louie (from US), The Wimpy’s
dj… Rumi (Moonlight Cabaret)

20190712a4 2

2019 Jun.08 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“秘部痺れ 2ndアルバム Turn on, Tune in, Freak out! 発売記念ライブ”

with… 秘部痺れ, パラリンピックス
psychedelic light show… liquidbiupil
djs… manowar (CH CARGO), YASUDA (珍庫唱片)
food… カトー貿易

2019 Mar.23 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
Baitones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.18”

with… Baitones, a mole under the eye, Mule Team, Nowon
food… ちょい呑み食堂 tutini


2019 Mar.09 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Dream Baby Dream – Cosmicos Release Party”

with… Cosmicos, Fashion Keys, Merry Ghosts

2019 Jan.26 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Helluva Lounge Presents”

with… Billy boy and thee rich women, ウンラヌ, 太陽


2018 Dec.16 @ 神戸 Sunflower
“Creme Brulee Vol.3”

with… Apartment, BRONxxx, Satanicpornocultshop, コンゴダンディーズ


2018 May.27 @ 神戸 OJB
“Long Haired Man”

with… The Arkham, Billy Boy & The Rich Women, Valva, おじまゆうさくトウヤマヒロキ


2018 Apr.21 @ 神戸 HELLUVA LOUNGE
Baitones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.17”

with… Baitones, Buzzmen, Los Explosivos (from Mexico), The Fadeaways (from Tokyo)

20180421buym17_A3 3

2017 Dec.09 @ 神戸 HELLUVA LOUNGE
Baitones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.16”

with… Baitones, Downs (from Kanazawa), The Go-Devils, The Pebbles (from Tokyo)


2017 Oct.21 @ 心斎橋 Club Stomp
“It’s Finking Time Vol.42”

with… 50/50’S, The Bunnies, Jimmy & His Mojomen, Jimmy & Queenies, The Minnesota Voodoo Men
djs… Chikusa (Osaka Mods Mayday), O.K.D. (It’s Finking Time)


2017 Oct.11 @ 京都 Club Metro
“Radioactivity with Bad Sports Japan Tour 2017 in Kyoto”

with… Aiwana, Back To Basics, Bad Sports (from TX), Radioactivity (from TX)
dj… Maronasty
shop… record KNOX


2017 Sep.30 @ 神戸 108

with… BAITONES, BUZZMEN(ex.The Junglers), JOHNNY ROCKET(S), MONDO DIAMOND, とってもイカしたイモバンド(第3期)
Dj… takuma (BLAST JAMS!!)


2017 Jul.08 @ 神戸 OJB
“Weird Dance Vol.4″”

with… Ausmuteants, BRONxxx, the GEROS
Djs… Sagayoung, Mokuo


2017 Apr.08 @ 神戸 HELLUVA LOUNGE
Baitones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.15”

with… Aggro (from Tokyo), Baitones, The Fadeaways (from Tokyo), Sex Crime (from Portland, OR)

20170408buym15_A4 3

2017 Mar.17 @ 神戸 OJB
“Night Of Ghouls!!! Vol.3”

with… Baitones, Marijuana Mariya, Surfer Joe (from Italy)
djs… Ko. (The El Caminos), Number2 (The YPAS’66)


Feb.18 @ 下北沢 Basement Bar
“Teenage Shutdown!! Garage Punk Hitsville Release Party!!”

with… The Evil Hoodoo, The Fadeaways, The Titans, The Tweezers
dj… Daddy-O-Nov (Radio Underground/Back From The Grave)


Baitones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.14”

with… Back To Basics, Baitones, Boys Order, Winstons(from tokyo)


Nov.12 @ 高円寺 Penguin House
“Live At Penguin”

with… Flashlights, Pest, Sunsett, Takashi Takamada, Xtits


Nov.06 @ 心斎橋 Club Stomp
“A Knife And A Fork 6”

with… The Invisible Teardrops (from USA), Lulufin The Woo Hoo, Social Porks
djs… Bruce Milne (from Australia), Frank Cotterell (from Australia), Momo (The Go-Devils), Kerockwell


Oct.26 @ 心斎橋 King Cobra
“Los Tones Japan Tour 2016”

with… Los Tones (from AUS), A(エース), だじゅーる, Jimmy&His Mojomen


Oct.15 @ 神戸 Chelsea de Rumba
“Red Cat Sloon 5th Anniversary Party!!!!!”

with… Taiki (from Soulcrap)
dj… Manowar


Mar.12 @ 京都 Live & Salon 夜想
“Smashing Style Vol.1”

with… The Geros, Middle Edge, The Sessions Of Pink, The Zip


Apr.23 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
Bait Ones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.13”

with… Baitones, Davis Keller Group, The Pebbles (from tokyo), The Whys (from fukuoka)


Apr.30 @ 難波 Bears
“Master Race Rock Vol.6 Nobunny Japan Tour 2016”

with… Frantic Stuffs, Mule Team (d/i/s/c/o/s+ex.Balladmen), Nobunny (Oakland/USA)


Nov.14 @ 薬院 UTERO

djs… LJHS (Jumpin’ In The Night), US-UK (You Can’t Sit Down)

Jun.06 @ 塩屋 旧グッゲンハイム邸

with… ゑでぃまぁこん, 常石さやか, ヨダレサゴ, マイマイズ, Satanicpornocultshop, BLONDnewHALF, 電氣蕎麦

May.30 @ 十三 STUDIO 246
“Target Maark! Vol.5”


Feb.07 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
Bait Ones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.12”

with… Baitones, Frantic Stuffs, Lulufin The Woo Foo, Mule Team (d/i/s/c/o/s + ex.balladmen)


Oct.25 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Green Flames – Live! Release Tour 2014 In Kobe”

with… Green Flames (from 東京), 時空繭繭, 秘部塗れ

Oct.11 @ 神戸 高円寺 喫茶軽食グリーンアップル

with… The Forevers, 近藤アカネ (The Mercies), Nervous Hearts, The Zip
djs… Jimbo (Firestarter/The Titans), Neco

Aug.31 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge

with… 時空繭繭, Jugz (from Okayama), Neo Japanese (ex. ロウテルコ)

Jul.12 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
Bait Ones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.11”

with… Baitones, The Pebbles (from Tokyo), tv.orphans (from Fukuoka), valva


Feb.8 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Douglas presents… NIGHT and FOG Vol.1”

with… docodemodoors, Douglas, Hunting Pigeons Duo (isseki + kakusei)

Jan.24 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“20 Guilders Split LP Release Japan Tour In Kobe”

with… 20 Guilders Full Band Set, Wild Lilies, 地獄変

Sep.22 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
Bait Ones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.10”

with… Bait Ones, Bloodshot Bill (from Canada), Jimmy & His Mojomen, The Tictacs
burlesque dancer… Safi


Aug.17 @ 京都 Live & Salon 夜想
“Go To Heaven Vol.63”

with… The Dallys, Famous Painters, Louder, The Titans (from Tokyo)
djs… ヤスヘッド


Jun.28 @ 岡山 Blue Blues
“KAVE IN Vol.3”

with… Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave (from Graveland), 
Jigen Organ, Jimmy & His Mojomen, The Yummys
djs… Seikou (Rev-Up!), Tick


Apr.21 @ 松屋町 地下一階
“The Great Tumblingdown #20”

with… Balladmen, BLPRS, d/i/s/c/o/s, Jimmy & His Mojomen


Mar.09 @ 神戸 108
Coremachine presents “The Glory Stompers Night! Vol.2”

with… Bait Ones, The Breadmakers (from Australia), The Fadeaways (from Tokyo)The Go-Devils
special guest artists… Mad Sculptures Ware (3D Sclptor), Pots Design (Pinstriper)


Feb.02 @ 難波 Mele
“It’s Finking Time Vol.22”

with… The Cheekys (from Tokyo), The Grapess, Jimmy & His MojoMen, The Rebels (from Iwaki), The Scarlettes
djs… Chikusa (Mods Mayday Osaka), O.K.D. (Old Hat Gear), Mr.Unknown (The Impacts)


Dec.15 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
Bait Ones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.9”

with… Bait Ones, Balladmen, Doorbellz II, Wantons (Etsuko from The Pebbles & Iko from Mononofruits)


Nov.10 @ 松屋町 地下一階
“The Gimmies New 7inch Release Gig!”

with… The Gimmies, The Miscasts, Scottish Fold, Tone Deaf

Sep.29 @ 東高円寺 UFO CLUB
“Beaver Shot!! Vol.4”

with… Beaver Patrol, The Great Mongoose, Rockbottom, Vivian Boys
dj… ネモト・ド・ショボーレ (DECKREC/The Mighty Moguls)

Aug.18 @ 京都 Live & Salon 夜想
“The Great Tumbling Down #19”

with… Balladmen, Liquid Screen, Louder, Your Pest Band
djs… Naoki (Frantic Stuffs), Saga-Young (Frantic Stuffs)

Jul.29 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“燻裕理 [Mod Bog] & friendly hearts of Japan [friendly hearts of Japan] Wレコ発!!!”

with… 燻裕理 (of Niplets, Portcuss), friendly hearts of Japan, VALVA

Jul.21 @ 神戸 108
N.O.C.S presents “The Glory Stompers Night!”

with… Bait Ones, The Breathless (from Yokkaichi), Mondo Diamond (from Takamatsu), Sunsons

Jun.30 @ 高円寺 Penguin House
Electrophonic presents “Hard Stoppin’ vol.6″

with… Beat Caravan, d/i/s/c/o/s, Electrophonic, Stand By Me

May.26 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
Bait Ones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.8”

– Lyres DMZ Fadeaways ‘Lost In Translation’ Tour 2012 –
with… The Arkham, Bait Ones, Lyres (Monoman from Boston + The Fadeaways), The Raydios (from Tokyo)


May.03 @ 松屋町 地下一階
“Frantic Stuffs & Balladmen Tour 2012 in Osaka”

with… Balladmen, Dimwit (ex. Outnauts), Frantic Stuffs, Psychotic Reaction

Mar.31 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Hollywood Massage Vibration CD Release Party In Kobe”

with… Antoniothree (from Yokkaichi), Disgrace To The Bastard (from Yamanashi), The Futures, Hollywood Massage Vibration, Sunsons, X-Discos

Feb.12 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
Bait Ones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.7”

with… Bait Ones, Theee Bat (from Tokyo), Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave (from Graveland), The Tictacs


Dec.03 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge

with… LENINGRAD BLUES MACHINE (from 東京), oopnum, Chang Chang

May.01 @ 心斎橋 Pangea [06
“Last Wave Vol.14”

with… Adixion, Balladman, BLPRS, Frantic Stuffs, The Go-Devils, H.M.V, Louder, Screw Ball, The Telepathys


Apr.23 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Helluva Lounge Presents”

with… The Howl Announcer, oopnum, 西市民いちご


Jan.29 @ 神戸 Star-Club
“港街ブルース Beat! Beat! Beat! 67’s編”

with… The Carburettors, Mondo Diamomd, The Scarlets, The Sunnuts, Los Tailors

Dec.30 @ 京都 Socrates
“H.M.V presents 100万ドルのディープキス/年忘れ大エレクト・パーティー”

with… Anti-Spectacle, Constricted, Dirty Is God, H.M.V, Liquid Screen, Outnauts, Screw Ball, Toast, Voracious Soul


Dec.04 @ 新宿 Red Cloth
“Break The Rules 2”

with… The Playmates, The Raydios, The Thunderroads, ZAZO (ex. Brightliner/Registrators)
djs… Kncok, マサ17, ん


Nov.05 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“The Stingrays Japan Tour In Kobe”

with… apres-guerre napoto, The Stingrays, いったんぶ


Jul.31 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Helluva Lounge 5周年企画 Vol.1”

with… Isseki’s Funkberater, Sunsons
food… くしかつこうぞう


Feb.27 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
Bait Ones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.6”

with… Bait Ones, Theee Bat (from Tokyo), The Fadeaways (from Tokyo), The Yaggies
special guest… Miss,Tarantula (from Sizuoka)


Jan.16 @ 難波 Bears
“Last Wave Vol.13”

with… Back To Basics (from Tokyo), Frantic Stuffs, Louder


Oct.03 @ 梅田 Rain Dogs
“It’s Finking Time Vol.2”

with… Bait Ones, The Fly And Miss Tarantula (from Sizuoka), The Impacts, Jimmy & His MojoMen
djs… 関口 弘 (SWANK from Tokyo), Ogawa (Making Time!), Resident Dj… Okada (Old Hat Gear), Takao Ramone (Jimmy & His MojoMen)


Sep.19 @ 東高円寺 UFO CLUB
“Teenage Shutdown!! : Jump Jive And Harmonise”

with… The Fadeaways, The Fave Raves, The Great Mongoose, The Stompin’ Riffraffs
dj… ソーリー (So Whats!)

Sep.05 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
Bait Ones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.5”

with… Bait Ones, Frantic Stuffs, The Raydios [from Tokyo], X-Discos


Aug.21 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Helluva Lounge 4周年企画 Vol.6”

with… valva, ばけばけばー, ハナクチナシ, ロウテルコ


Jul.26 @ 高松 Sound Space Rizin’
“高松暴動 Vol.5”

with… Black Market Babies, The Door Bells, Kim, サルサ, ヒミツノコウドウ, 武装衝突

May.08 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge

with… Marble Sheep [from Tokyo], Psychedelic Desert, valva

Apr.26 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Hunting Pigeons 1st EP “HAUNTED VISIONS” release party!!”

with… Caption, Hunting Pigeons, 人間ボーイズ

Mar.07 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
Bait Ones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.4”

with… Bait Ones, The Fadeaways [from Tokyo], The Titans [from Tokyo], Yaggies


Feb.08 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
the bondance in Mexico presents “Cheer King Death Camp Vol.3”

with… the bondance in Mexico, Hunting Pigeons, 殺して38

Nov.02 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
Bait Ones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.3”

with… Bait Ones, The Faceful [from Tokyo], The Go-Devils, The Young Folks [from Tokyo]


Oct.25 @ 難波 Rock Rider
“Wild Beat Rendezvous Vol.2”

with… The Hazel, The Impacts, The Junglemen, The Prambath

Sep.13 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
Bait Ones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.2”

with… Bait Ones, Liquid Screen, Longtail Spangle, Mr. Wah, Young Parisian [from Tokyo]


Aug.29 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Helluva Lounge 3rd Anniversary Event!!”

with… Amazon Saliva, valva, 宇宙三輪車

Jul.19 @ 福井 Hall Bee
“Orgy Of The Dead Vol.1”

with… The Fadeaways, Flatland, Gravy, Tragic8
djs… 関口弘, おっさん, ミスターT

Jul.06 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Night Of Ghouls!”

with… 非常のライセンス, モンド・ダイヤモンド, ザ・ヴァキウム, Bait Ones

Apr.27 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Golden Himezi Week Day-1”

with… Wild Lilies, 殺して38


Mar.09 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Helluva Lounge Presents”

with… 燻裕理, ばけばけばー, gypsy paradox


Feb.02 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“The Hungry Intruder”

with… 903号室, Bait Ones, The Grizzlies, The Junglers


Dec.01 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
Bait Ones & The YPAS’66 presents “Blow Up Your Mind Vol.1”

with… Acid Eater, Bait Ones, Theee Bat, The Faceful


Nov.03 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Helluva Lounge presents”

with… The Howl Announcer, Hunting Pigeons, the keys

Oct.06 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
Play Unknown Records presents… “Oliver! Oliver! Vol.1”

with… 96粒の泪, So Whats
djs… Kero-Young [Play Unknown Records], Ogawa [Making Time!], Yoshida

Sep.21 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Virulent Fuzz Punk A.C.I.D. Release Party in KOBE “

with… Acid Eater, BLONDnewHALF, VALVA


Sep.08 @ 京都 夜想
“Ultra Bide Presents”

with… anu-pass, docodemodoors, Kawaguchi Masami’s New Rock Syndicate, Ultra Bide

Aug.12 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Helluva Lounge 2nd Anniversary Event!!”

with… Bait Ones, Flareodds, Niplets


Jul.28 @ 京都 Whoopee’s
“AVNOVA 3 – Liquid Screen Album Release Party”

with… Caption, Liquid Screen, PAD the M.P.


Jun.22 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Helluva Lounge Presents”

with… The Go-Devils, 太陽, 松田克己バンド


May.20 @ 難波 Bears
“The Nailclippers & Longtail Spangle New CD Release Party”

with… Liquid Screen, Longtail Spangle, The Nailclippers

Apr.22 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“サイコティック・アメイジング・ツアー in KOBE”

with… ピンキー青木 + K.N.R.S., Bait Ones, 松田克己バンド

Mar.12 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Helluva Lounge Presents”

with… Amazon Saliva, Z-Z言語「ウ」 (ニンゲンゴウカク), Extacy & My Friends

Feb.18 @ 難波 Bears
“NO! NO! NO!”

with… ACID EATER, Sifnos, ノイズわかめ

Dec.09 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“The Music Goes Round My Head”

with… Bait Ones, The Faceful (from Tokyo), The Nailclippers, The Pebbles (from Tokyo)

Nov.05 @ 京都 Whoopee’s
“Beat BItes Show! Vol.6”

with… Frantic Stuffs, Liquid Screen, The Nailclippers, Voracious Soul
djs… Today Paddy Field (the nailclippers’ guardian), Fumi (Orchard Record)


Sep.02 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“The Music Goes Round My Head”

with… Bait Ones, The Futures, Long Tail Spangle, Plastic Mac (from Fukuoka), Psychotic Reaction

Aug.04 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Psychedelic Friends”

with… Acid Eater, Bait Ones, The Go-Devils, Valva

Jul.16 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“川口雅巳ニューロックシンジケート Tour”

with… 川口雅巳ニューロックシンジケート, Sergeram, ノイズわかめ, Free From Disguise, Valva

Jun.24 @ 神戸 Back Beat
“Radios Appear Night”

with… The Dart Boys, Dig-Lazy, Katie Katty, The Squeaks, Vain Fist

Jun.16 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Psychedelic Friends”

with… オシリペンペンズ, 家出少年, Le Cheval Blanc

Apr.16 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Dig For Fire Vol.9”

With… Longtail Spangle, The Telepathys, Psychotic Reaction, Contract Boys

Mar.04 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“The Music Goes Round My Head”

with…The Cleabs, Liquid Screen, The Nailclippers, Plastic Mac
Djs… Manowar, Ljhs (Jumpin’ In The Night)

Feb.04 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Psychedelic Friends”

with… Port Cuss, and Young…, ワッツーシゾンビ

Jan.09 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Good Fellows Vol.3”

with… The Go-Devils, Bait Ones, ティッシュ

Jan.08 @ 心斎橋 The Cellar
“Be… Stoned Vol.4”

with… The Cleabs, ザ・グレターズ

Dec.30 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“25m Floater Last Live”

with… 25m Floater, クッダチクレロ

Nov.27 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Good Fellows”

with… Buzzu, The Sprouts, ヨルズインザスカイ

Nov.13 @ 京都 Whoopee’s
“Beat Bites Show Vol.5”

with… The Addiction, The Faceful, Longtail Spangle, The Nailclippers, Vice

Sep.03 @ 神戸 Helluva Lounge
“Savage Affection!”

with… Bait Ones, Charlie & The Hot Wheels (from Tokyo), Elite 65 (from Tokyo), The Pebbles (from Tokyo)
djs… Buzz (Elite 65), Mr. Great Frog (Budget Rock!)

Dec.22 @ 神戸 James Blues Land”
with… Blind Date


Dec.18 @ 神戸 James Blues Land “Savage Affection!”
with… The Cleabs, The Fabchicks, The Pebbles
djs… Haze (The Cleabs), Mr. Great Frog (Budget Rock!)

Nov.20 @ 神戸 Star-Club “Smash The Disco”
with… Supporters, Psychotic Reaction, Liquid Screen, Constricted, Humpty Dumpty, Cricky Crew, Futures, Nightmare, Meaning Of Life, Krew, Portcuss, Laukaus, Sprouts

Nov.13 @ 心斎橋 The Cellar “Be..Stoned!”
with… The Cleabs, The Mighty Shaky’s

Oct.16 @ 難波 Rock Rider “Cooking Up Vol.2”
with… The Garnets, Carburettors, Los Taillors, The Scarlettes
djs… Ogawa (Making Time!), Akiba (Time Bomb), Shimizu (Tore Up)
vj… K2 (Studio K2)

Oct.11 @ 京都 Whoopee’s “Aural Sound Sculpture”
with… Liquid Screen, Radiates, The Nailclippers, Caption, Frantic Stuffs

Aug.21 @ 神戸 Back Beat “Rock Action 2004”
with… 96粒の泪, Bait Ones, The Mines, The Cleabs, The 59ers Cocksucker Club Band

May.09 @ 神戸 Back Beat “革ジャン対背広 Vol.36”
with… The Chopsticks, Bait Ones, Johnny Rockets, Frantic Stuffs, Gutterz


Oct.31 @ 福岡 Keith Flack “Jumpin’ In The Night”
with… Clockwork Onions, Plastic Mac, Short Cake
djs… Ljhs, Miura

Oct.25 @ 神戸 Mersey Beat “革ジャン対背広 Vol.32”
with… Bait Ones, Gutterz, Johnny Rockets, Lucy & The Lipstix, Mach Kung-Fu!
dj… チャンネル5

Sep.26 @ 東高円寺 UFO Club “Attack Of The Garage Monster”
with… Bait Ones, The Great Mongoose, The Pebbles, 96粒の泪
djs… Great Frog (Budget Rock!), Los Sunbone (96粒の泪), Voxx (96粒の泪)

Jun.28 @ 神戸 Back Beat “Savage Affection!”
with… The Cleabs, The Elite 65, The Hallucination, The Mighty Shaky’s
djs… Mr. Great Frog, Monaural’66

May.24 @ 神戸 Mersey Beat “The Moon Dog R’N’R House Party #19”
with… The Adamoste Kings, Katie Katty, Monkey Dead, The クルマ
djs… Mckee (Old Rockin Chair), Mizushima, Rockin’ Johnny
vj… Papa Rock

May.03 @ 神戸 Back Beat
with… Golden Boogie, ははの気まぐれ, ブラックナマズ, マーガレットとロマンス岬のかもめたち

Mar.22 @ 神戸 Breath “The Moon Dog R’N’R House Party #18”
with… Dice For Lights, The Mighty Shaky’s, Monkey Dead, The Starlite Wranglers
djs… Mizushima, Rockin’ Johnny
vj… Papa Rock

Feb.22 @ 難波 Bears
with… Calends, Caption, Lipstick Killers

Feb.07 @ 神戸 Back Beat “Savage Affection!”
with… Bait Ones, The Cleabs, The Hallucination, The Pebbles
djs… Mr. Great Frog, Moptop Ogawa

Dec.28 @ 神戸 Star-Club “革ジャン対背広 & The Moon Dog R’N’R House Party”
with… Carburettors, The Zoot Suits, The Bunnies, Money Spyder, ザ・サイクロンズ, ザ・ゴロワーズ, The Mighty Shaky’s, Bait Ones, Gutterz, Johnny Rockets, Monkey Dead
djs… Bank Robber, Keco & Mizushima, ゴキゲン Station Channel 5

Nov.23 @ 神戸 Breath “25m Floater CD Release Party!”
with… The Squeaks, Sunbeams, 25m Floater

Sep.06 @ 東高円寺 UFO Club “毒々モンスター”
with… The Davey Crocketts, The Go-Devils, The Great Mongoose, The Outs
djs… Mr. Great Frog (Budget Rock!), Los Sunbone (Hangmen), Voxx (DC4)

Aug.24 @ 神戸 Star-Club
with… Bait Ones

Aug.23 @ 十三 Fandango “Teenage Fair!”
with… The Iguwanas, Mach Kung-Fu!, Mabo & The 88

Jul.07 @ 神戸 Pinpoint “Savage Affection!”
with… Bait Ones, The Cleabs, The Go-Devils, The Hoovers
djs… Mr. Great Frog, Takashi “moptop” Ogawa

May.25 @ 寝屋川 Vintage “Hammerkin’ A Go Go Vol.16”
with… Les Cappuccino, The Cleabs, Dig It!, Permanents, Quik One, The Tailors
djs… Enokin’, Ogawa, Setter

Mar.03 @ 神戸 Pinpoint “searching in the WILDerness!”
with… Bait Ones, The Go-Devils, The Hoovers, The Pebbles
dj… Mr. Great Frog

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